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Craft Dolls Bring Out the Playful Side of Crafting

Dollmaking is a time-honored craft that incorporates serious craftsmanship with a playful enjoyment of the finished product. Whether you're a doll maker, a hobbyist, or you enjoy crocheting clothing for dolls, Annie's has a range of craft dolls for you to use in your projects.

Craft Dolls and Doll Accessories

Making doll clothing and accessories can be a really fun hobby. If you collect dolls, making clothing for your favorite dolls can help you give your collection a personalized touch. You can also use crochet doll and toy patterns to create a wardrobe for your daughter or granddaughter's dolls. She'll love having wardrobe options for play time. These craft dolls and accessories include baby dolls you can dress up, doll stands for putting your work on display, and doll making supplies, such as doll eyes. As a special gift for a little girl, buy a doll and make a collection of outfits for her.

In addition to these craft dolls and doll accessories, Annie's has a huge variety of other craft supplies and hobby items. Check out our general craft supplies and Crafts for Kids for more playful options.