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Fix Zippers Quickly with Zipper Repair Supplies

There's no need for a broken or stuck zipper to ruin your favorite jacket or dress. Our zipper repair supplies include zippers and tools youll need to fix a broken zipper or add a zipper to a handmade garment.

Zippers & Zipper Repair Kits

If you knit, crochet, or sew, adding a zipper to a sweater, dress, or jacket can provide a polished appearance and take your finishing skills to the next level. A pullover with a crisp zipper or children's clothing with decorative zippers have such a pulled-together look, people won't believe you made them yourself. At Annie's, not only can you get the supplies you need to create the garment, our simple teeth zippers and zipper repair kit can help you put on the finishing touches, too.

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