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Use Thick and Thin Yarns to Produce Fancy Textures

What is thick and thin yarn? These yarns are spun so that the thickness of the yarn varies throughout its length. Some places are built up for a cushier look, whereas others have a thinner, more thread-like appearance. When you knit or crochet using these thick and thin yarns, the finished result is a gorgeous texture that accentuates the handcrafted quality of your project. Use these unique yarns for thick pullovers or colorful afghans. You might also be interested in boucle yarns if you want a more subtle variation of texture.

Thick and Thin Yarns for Unique Knits

Annie's carries thick and thin yarns from a variety of favorite brands. You can find thick and thin yarns in neutral colors perfect for boutique-quality sweaters and accessories or vivid colors for an accessory that really pops. Many of these thick and thin yarns are produced by blending variegating colors, resulting in complex hues to complement the texture of the yarn. Thick and thin yarns also have a beautiful sheen and an elegant drape, wonderful for fancy blouses or shawls. Check out our ruffle yarns for more intriguing textures.