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Machine Embroidery Patterns Add Fun Characters

Create fun logos and bold patterns using machine embroidery designs with your computer or embroidery machine. You can add adorable animals, mascots, and more! Browse our other embroidery designs for more ideas for your next embroidery project.

Machine Embroidery Patterns & Supplies

Machine embroidery quickly and precisely embroiders your fabric with images from our embroidery pattern collections. Each machine embroidery set comes on a CD and includes trademarked artwork by favorite designers, such as Loralie Designs«. The patterns include instructions and color charts. Use the machine embroidery patterns to add cute accents to your accessories or a big logo on a canvas or fabric tote. There are plenty of options for you to get creative with.

In addition to fun machine embroidery patterns, you can find the needlework supplies you need to complete your projects at Annie's. Whether you're a beginner or practically a pro, Annie's has a large selection of patterns, floss, and tools for you to use as you hone your craft. Plus, when you buy all your supplies from Annie's you save time and money on shipping. Don't forget embroidery aids for making the process easier.