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Knitting Books for Home, Baby & You!

Sometimes one knitting pattern just isn't enough to quench your desire for projects. If that's you, our knitting pattern books are just what you've been seeking -- more patterns!

We have knitting pattern books for almost any type of technique or style that you could want. We have knitting pattern books for accessories, afghans, babies and more. Our knitting books will fulfill your desire for more patterns and get you inspired to start work on your next project.

If you're stuck on a pattern from one of our knitting books, check out our stitch guide. We've got knitting lessons complete with videos, diagrams and written instructions to help you learn. You'll be speeding through all those designs before you know it! We've also got knitting books to help you learn new techniques -- they make great books to add to your reference library!

Logic tells us that the more patterns you have, the more reason you have for buying yarn. And, who doesn't love shopping for yarn? Check out our pattern books and get ready to knit!

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