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Crochet Jewelry Patterns

Crochet Beading and Jewelry Projects to Express Your Style

Did you know that you can crochet jewelry? Crocheted beads and jewelry have a unique texture that really pops. Use your crocheting skills to make a new accessory for your favorite outfit or to create a beautiful gift for a friend. These crochet beading and jewelry patterns will show you how. Check out all of our Beading and Jewelry Supplies for more ideas and materials.

Crocheted Beading and Jewelry Patterns

Add a little something special to your outfit with a necklace or bracelet that you crocheted. These crocheting patterns for beads and jewelry items feature trendy styles and classic looks to match your fashion tastes. Plus, crocheted jewelry makes a wonderful gift! Crochet simple rope bracelets or intricate lace statement necklaces, and you'll love being able to tell admirers that you made them yourself.

There are plenty of other accessories you can crochet, too. Crochet warm hats to top off your outfit or stylish handbags in which to carry your daily essentials. Shop our whole selection of Crochet Accessory Patterns, and you can find plenty of projects to create. Plus, when you buy your patterns from Annie's, you can also order all the supplies you'll need in one convenient place.