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Use Traditional Bed Quilt Patterns to Create a Classic Quilt

These traditional bed quilt patterns have withstood the test of time because of their beauty and the heritage they represent. A traditional bed quilt pattern can complement a variety of bedroom styles, depending on the fabrics you choose. So whether you like the classic, rustic look or prefer simple and modern styles, you can develop traditional quilting skills and still enjoy the finished bed quilt in your home.

Traditional Bed Quilt Patterns and Quilting Supplies

Learning traditional quilting styles is like learning a new language or taking a history lesson in crafts. There are numerous wonderful styles and a rich heritage to enjoy. Whether you want a flying geese pattern, Amish stars, circle blocks, or other pieced bed quilt patterns, Annie's has plenty of gorgeous traditional bed quilt patterns for you to choose from. Find a pattern that fits your taste and your skill level.

In addition to our selection of traditional bed quilt patterns, Annie's also carries quilting fabric in prints, solids, and different precut sizes perfect for your quilting projects. Stock up on the fabric, needles, thread, and quilting notions you'll need for your projects!