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Pieced Bed Quilt Patterns Capture Timeless Style

Pieced bed quilt patterns from Annie's are available in a wide variety of designs. Choose from classic flying geese pattern or an elegant circular pieced pattern. We have so many styles available you're sure to find a pattern that fits your skill level and sense of style. Browse our full selection of bed quilt patterns for more options.

Pieced Bed Quilt Patterns and Supplies

The classic pieced bed quilt pattern is what many people picture in their head when they think of quilting. Whether you want a traditional bed quilt pattern or a more modern look, we have a pieced bed quilt pattern you're sure to love. You can personalize your pieced pattern to coordinate with your bedroom suite or paint colors by choosing the colors or prints of your quilting fabrics. With a pieced bed quilt pattern you can give your room a warm style while developing your quilting skills.

Once you've selected your pieced bed quilt pattern you'll need plenty of coordinating quilting fabric, as well as needles, thread, and quilting tools. Find everything you need for making your new bed quilt at Annie's!