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Choose Stamped Embroidery Patterns to Help You Create

Stamped embroidery patterns give you a helpful head start. Each of these stamped embroidery designs comes with the pattern stamped onto the fabric and instructions for how to choose your floss and finish the project. You'll love creating gifts, home décor, and other embroidery projects with these helpful patterns.

Stamped Embroidery Patterns & Resources

Annie's stamped embroidery patterns come in designs perfect for gifts and decorating. Choose bounteous peacock feathers to accent your living room décor, or a lively animal motif to give as a baby gift. Stamped embroidery patterns help you create more precise designs more easily, allowing you to develop your embroidery skills or create a perfect finish to your project. If you are a beginner to embroidery, stamped embroidery projects can be a great place to start.

Browse our entire selection of embroidery patterns for more options and inspiration. We carry a range of embroidery styles from the stamped embroidery designs above to traditional Monk's Cloth patterns or modern machine embroidery patterns. Plus, when you start with your patterns from Annie's, you can also stock up on the floss and other needlework supplies you'll need to complete the embroidery.