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Embroidery Designs Feature Appliques, Redwork, and More

Embroidery patterns from Annie's feature traditional designs and modern favorites. Browse our selection of embroidery designs to find your next project. Plus, you can shop Annie's for the needlework supplies, floss, and needles you'll need too!

Embroidery Patterns & Needlework Supplies

Embroidery helps you personalize your home and wardrobe with designs that suit your taste. Use embroidery patterns to add a special touch to your handkerchiefs, kitchen linens, and scarves. Floral embroidery patterns are a classic choice for home décor. You can use our animal embroidery patterns to add a cool personalization to your child's backpack or sleeping bag, making it just his or hers.

Use embroidery patterns to celebrate the changing seasons and holidays. Seasonal embroidery patterns can keep your needle busy all year with pastel Easter and spring prints, lush fall colors, and festive Christmas decorations. Get creative with your embroidery projects and you'll always have something fun to stitch. You might also like our embroidery books, where you can find whole collections of embroidery patterns along with helpful tips. Our embroidery iron-on designs and machine embroidery patterns help make your embroidery more precise, for a professional look to your projects.