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Fall Fabrics Bring Out the Best Colors of Fall

Fall is known for beautiful colors and comfortable but stylish fashions. You can create quilting projects that celebrate the look and feel of fall by using these fall fabrics. Create a cozy quilt that emulates your favorite flannel shirt with jewel tone plaid fabric or sew table runners for Thanksgiving by using bright fall leaf print fabric. Annie's has a variety of Seasonal Quilt Patterns you can use to decorate your home for autumn.

Fall Fabrics and Seasonal Quilting Projects

A handmade quilt using fall flannel fabrics is wonderful for adding an extra layer of warmth to your bed for the season. Imagine how wonderful it will feel to fall asleep with the warm quilt and the window cracked to let in the crisp fall air. Fall fabrics are also great for using in quilts used for fall picnics or tailgating trips. Even though the weather is turning cooler, fall is still a season full of outdoor activities. Make fall quilts to keep your family warm while on the go. Use fall fabrics to create holiday home décor, too. Our Halloween and Thanksgiving fabric panels can be used for wall hangings, table settings, and other seasonal projects.