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Beautiful lap quilts and throws made with scrap quilt patterns!

Waste Not with Scrap Quilt Patterns

One of the first rules of crafting is to save your scraps! If you've been quilting for even a little while, you may have accumulated quite the pile of scrap fabric. A scrap quilt is a fun answer the question of what to do with those scraps. When you make a scrap quilt, you can celebrate the other projects you've completed while making room in your craft room for more new fabric!

Scrap Quilt Patterns & Quilting Supplies

Annie's scrap quilt patterns are available in a range of sizes and styles. Find scrap lap quilt patterns or scrap quilts for other uses. Many people think that a scrap quilt has to be a simple design, but that's not the case. Many of these patterns use more intricate piecing designs, so you can use your scraps while still flexing your creative muscles. A scrap quilt can make a beautiful addition to any room or a fun gift for a friend or family member.

In addition to these useful patterns, you can also find any additional quilting fabric you will need for your project. Our precut bundles are affordable and feature pretty assortments of coordinated colors and prints. We have the needles, thread, and quilting tools youll need too!