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Jack & Jill Quilt Pattern
Jack & Jill Quilt Pattern
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Hot Diggity Dog! Quilt Pattern
Hot Diggity Dog! Quilt Pattern

Applique Lap Quilt Patterns Add Pretty Detail

Lap quilts look wonderful when displayed over the back of your favorite chair or on a quilt frame. These applique lap quilts have a beautiful texture. Appliques are perfect for adding a prominent image or a fun focal point to your lap quilt. Check out all of our applique quilt patterns for more options.

Applique Throw Patterns & Supplies

When you use an applique quilting pattern, you'll sew a shape or image onto the top of your finished square. This creates a beautiful texture and the opportunity to showcase a particular theme or icon. For example, appliqued sports equipment adds a fun finish to a boy's quilt, whereas appliqued flowers look great in your living room. Use holiday applique throw quilt patterns for seasonal décor. Nature-inspired appliques look pretty all year. We have plenty of otherlap quilt patterns for additional options, too.

Once you've found an applique lap quilt pattern to create, you can stock up at Annie’s on the needles, thread, quilting fabric, and quilting tools you'll need to complete your project. We'll send your patterns and supplies straight to your door.