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Crochet a Baby Blanket to Swaddle the Little One in Love

Create a beautiful baby blanket that will become a treasured keepsake by using baby blanket crochet patterns from Annie's. Our patterns come in a variety of styles, featuring animals, lace, and other baby-friendly designs. Don't forget to buy plenty of soft Baby Yarn in colors to match the nursery.

Baby Blanket Crochet Patterns

A crocheted baby blanket is sure to elicit smiles from the baby and the new mom. Crochet a baby blanket for your own bundle of joy or make a baby blanket as a thoughtful shower gift. Baby blankets come together much faster than full-size blankets and are a wonderful opportunity to try out new techniques. Plus, when you make a baby blanket, you have the opportunity to crochet adorable animals and other patterns.

As an alternative to the traditional baby blanket, you can make a Crocheted Baby Cocoon. These adorable patterns make the baby look like a pea in a pod. They're perfect for baby pictures or for snuggling during naps. For more baby project ideas, browse our full collection of Baby Crochet Patterns. We have a large variety of baby clothing, accessories, and other projects you can use to surround the little one with love.