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Machine Washable Yarns Simplify Your Fiber Care

Create projects that can stand up to the daily wear of life by using machine washable yarn. These high-quality yarns can be washed with the rest of your laundry, so you can trust that your handmade garments will really get clean. Annie's carries machine washable yarns from favorite brands, such as Berroco Yarns.

Use Machine Washable Yarns for Projects You'll Really Wear

Everyone loves to receive handmade sweaters, but fear of ruining the treasured garment can prevent people from really enjoying them. When you knit or crochet projects using machine washable yarns, you can give your friends and family clothes and accessories that they'll get plenty of enjoyment from. Machine washable yarns are especially good choices for kids' clothing. You can find washable yarns in a variety of colors and fibers, including soft superwash merino wool yarn.

In addition to these wonderful machine washable yarns, you can also find plenty of other options for your projects. Browse our large selection of yarns by brand, type, weight, and fiber content. Plus, when you stock up on yarn, you can also buy the patterns, tools, and other supplies you will need for all your knitting or crocheting projects.