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Cross Stitch Books Provide Patterns and Insight

Create your own library of cross stitch patterns and relevant articles and tips from our wide selection of cross stitch books. Whether you're looking for seasonal collections or specific types of projects, you'll love the patterns you find inside. Many of our books cull hit patterns from your favorite Cross Stitch Magazines.

Cross Stitch Books and Resources

A good crafting library helps you develop your needlework skills more, because you'll always have a new project or helpful tips at hand. Annie's selection of cross stitch books features a wide range of projects and resources, plus publications from your favorite brands. Cross stitchers love the fun patterns of Just CrossStitch. For a reference book you'll be glad to own, try The Proper Stitch.

For seasonal projects, from Halloween decorations to Easter samplers, there are plenty of cross stitch books to choose. Cross Stitch Christmas Creations features a variety of projects for different holiday decorations, while our cross stitched ornament collections are fun for crafting decorations or small gifts. Get kids started on cross stitching by choosing beginners patterns for them to create for friends and family. You'll teach them a hobby they can practice for years to come.