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Just CrossStitch Magazines Provide Patterns and Tips

Just CrossStitch is a favorite magazine for needlecrafts. You'll love the vibrant and helpful patterns. Annie's offers current and back issues so you can find the projects you want. You may also be interested in browsing our Cross Stitch Books, featuring patterns from your favorite magazines.

Just CrossStitch Magazines: Current and Back Issues

Just CrossStitch curates seasonal and classic cross stitch patterns in bi-monthly issues perfectly paired to the time of year. With current and back issues of Just CrossStitch from Annie's, you can find cross stitch patterns for plenty of projects to keep your needles working. Because you can choose any issue to work with, you have the ability to use Just CrossStitch patterns from any season, freeing you up to create more projects.

Just CrossStitch is also known for putting out wonderful holiday collections of patterns. Get ready to celebrate by hand-making decorations, gifts, or party favors. If you want the whole lot of Just CrossStitch patterns, check out our Cross Stitch DVDs which feature helpful how-tos and archives of patterns from your favorite Cross Stitch Magazines.