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Free Preview: Magic Socks - Knit 2 Socks in 1
Skill Level: Intermediate
Kate Atherley
Magic Socks - Knit 2 Socks in 1
Magic Socks - Knit 2 Socks in 1
Kate Atherley, Instructor

You'll love the results of this amazing double-knitting technique in which you knit 2 socks simultaneously on the same set of needles! Find out more in the Class Description below.


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Magic Socks - Knit 2 Socks in 1 FAQ

Do you show how to do this with two circular needles?Expand

In the class I give instructions for working on both double-point needles (DPNs) and with a long circular needle using the Magic Loop method, and the written pattern includes details for both methods too! The process for working with two circular needles is almost exactly the same as for working with Magic Loop; just follow those instructions in the written pattern, and those demos on the video.

I notice that the sock has (k1, p1) ribbing at the top; can I use (k2, p2) instead?Expand

Absolutely! I demo how to work (k1, p1) ribbing, and the process is the same, but you'll work two knit stitches with each yarn, and then two purl stitches with each yarn. You can work any ribbing you want -- as long as it divides evenly in your number of stitches, of course. Just make sure that when you're working the ribbing, you keep track carefully. For example, if you're working (k2, p2), you'll need to k1 yarn A, k1 yarn B, k1 yarn A, k1 yarn B, then p1 yarn A, p1 yarn B, p1yarn A, p1 yarn B.

How do we correct the knitting if we accidentally knit the two socks together?Expand

If you accidentally use the wrong yarn for a stitch, or catch the 'resting' yarn when working a stitch, you can drop the stitches down on both socks, untangle them, and pick up the stitches individually -- a crochet hook is very helpful for this.

I'm getting holes at the sides of the heels. How can I avoid that?Expand

This can happen if you're not picking up the wraps correctly -- it can be a bit tricky! Watch the demo to make sure you've got the hang of it. Sometimes, you can see holes at the very top of the heel, just where you rejoin to work in the round for the foot. You can close up that hole by picking up a strand of yarn between the instep and the heel, and working that together with its neighboring stitch.

I'm having a little bit of trouble with joining the round; it seems loose, and I always have a long thread at the start of the round.Expand

It can be tricky to get a really tight join at the start of the first round; just make sure you pull it as tight as you possibly can! When you work around to the start of the round on subsequent rounds, keep pulling tight. You can also use the tail to close that gap when you weave it in!

I can't wear wool. Can any other yarn be used?Expand

Yes, any yarn that gets gauge would be fine. A cotton or bamboo blended with elastic works best for wool-free socks.

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4.5 out of 5 (Reviewed by 10 customers.)

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March 24, 2015
Kimberley M
I need more close ups of her hands and the knitting. The important points go to fast. Otherwise it's very good.
February 10, 2015
Joann D
Very good video, your explanations are so easy to understand, but I really would like to see a video with explanations on how to do this on a Magic Loop, not just a short talk about it. I'm talking about a whole video just like the one on the DPs.
September 1, 2014
Michelle M
This is an awesome video featuring an easy to understand and patient instructor. However, I thought it was about how to double knit using the magic loop method. I'm not sure why but dpn knitting I just cannot seem to get the hang of. I gamely gave it one more try but it's so frustrating for me that I'm giving up my dream of being able to knit socks. The video as I said is awesome and I will continue to purchase classes. Keep up the good work.
July 14, 2014
Lisa E
Just watched this class and I think it was very well done. Can't wait to start a pair. I suffer from a chronic case of second sockitis, I think the video can cure me haha. Good camera angles and very clear instructions, what's not to like. Thanks.
July 8, 2014
Annette R
I'm really enjoying this class and the sock; it's taking me a little while only because I have multi projects going on as well as some spinning that I'm working on too. But I just finished the heels I'm using a size 1 needle and fingering weight yarn fir my first sock. I love the way it's coming out. This has been a fun project. I love the video tutorial too it's been very helpful.

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