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Free Preview: How to Read Your Knit Stitches & Master the Pattern
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Skill Level: Beginner

This "next steps in knitting" class will show you how to read your knitting and master the pattern!

Patty Lyons
How to Read Your Knit Stitches & Master the Pattern
Patty Lyons, Instructor
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Patty Lyons, Instructor

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Patty first learned to knit when she was seven, but it wasn't until adulthood and working on Broadway as a Stage Manager that knitting became an obsession. Patty quickly moved from daily knitting to study, teaching and designing. When she made her obsession her full time job she started by running a local yarn shop in New York City and moved on to work for Lion Brand Studio to create the LBYS Education Center in NY. Patty is now full time designer whose designs are published in many magazines including Creative Knitting, as well as books by Noro, Cascade and Tahki Stacy Charles. See more of her work at

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February 8, 2021
Pj K
I was not happy with video. I didn't learn what I expected to learn from this class. I expected to learn to read stitches and master the pattern. It was not organized either. I am very disappointed with my purchase. I probably won't buy another video from Annie"s.
September 27, 2019
Stephanie L
Patty, you are so knowledgeable! You are very clear with your instructions and you are just chock full of know how. I think the next class I will take of yours is the knitting ER! Thank you so much for doing this class it was so worth it, I got so much out of it!!!
May 31, 2019
Lara W
Please, please offer a beginner's class, Patty! Your instructions are so clear and easy to follow! Thank you so much for this class, and the Knitting ER class. Both are excellent and worth every penny!
April 21, 2019
Aloma M
I love Patty Lyons, she is a wonderful teacher. Everything she teaches gets five stars
March 31, 2019
Donna B
I wish Patty would do a beginner's knitting class, so I can learn how she teaches knitting from the beginning.
Great class!

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