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Pieced Lap Quilt Patterns Showcase Classic Styles

A lap quilt is smaller than a bed quilt or tapestry, but it will still keep you cozy and add a colorful touch to your favorite space. With these pieced lap quilt patterns, you can practice your piecing skills on a project that you can finish quickly. Our pieced lap quilt patterns are available in a range of styles, from traditional piecing designs to simpler, more modern looks. You can also browse our full selection of pieced quilt patterns for more options.

Pieced Lap Quilt Patterns & Supplies

With our selection of pieced lap quilt patterns, you can make a lap quilt for every room in your house or an array of lap quilts you can switch out seasonally. Our floral pieced lap quilt patterns are perfect for spring and summer, whereas flying geese and round pieced patterns can be worked in beautiful colors to match any season or room. Try playful pinwheel pieced patterns for a kid's room or modern squares for a simpler style. We have many other lap quilt patterns, including applique lap quilts and scrap quilts, too.

Once you've selected your pieced lap quilt pattern, you can also select the precut quilting fabric you will need for the project. Annie's carries quilting fabrics in a plethora of beautiful solids and prints.