A wide assortment of plastic see-through rulers is available to quilters. These rulers are used most often with a rotary cutter and mat. Choosing the most useful ruler can be confusing. Ask advice from other quilters and your local shop.
If you constantly cut strips of the same width, consider buying metal strips cut to the width of the most common sizes you need. For example, if you like to make Log Cabin quilts using 1 1/2" strips, purchase a metal template in that size. When using this type of strip you eliminate the need to watch measurement lines on a see-through ruler, assuring accuracy when cutting.
When using a wide see-through ruler, it is easy to use the wrong guideline. If you are cutting many strips the same width, place a piece of masking tape on the ruler along the designated line as a guide.
Small stick-on pieces of sandpaper are available to place on the backs of see-through rulers to keep them from slipping off fabric when cutting. Metal strips with sandpaper backs are also available. Avoid using such strips on delicate fabric, however.
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