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Your Work Space

No matter where you work, if using a sewing machine it is essential for it to be located on a table or in a cabinet at a comfortable height.
Your sewing area should have an area to the left and in back of the machine so that excess fabric can lie on the surface around the machine and not drop to the floor during sewing. The weight of the fabric pulls on the needle as you sew and causes it to bend or break. This pressure on the needle can cause damage to the machine. It also causes irregular-sized stitches when sewing.
Good lighting is essential to healthy eyes. Strain from too much, too little or the wrong kind of light can damage your eyes.
A table at a comfortable height is a joy when cutting. For some, the ironing board is a good cutting surface for small projects. Its height is adjustable.
If possible, set up your iron and ironing board adjacent to your sewing area. Pressing seam allowances as you sew and simply turning to use the iron is an efficient way to work. Adjust the board to the right height for comfortable pressing while seated.
Many hand quilters like the portability of patchwork because they can join their families while watching television or take piecing with them to appointments and practices. In general, they can be sociable while accomplishing something satisfying.
Machine sewers sometimes don't want to feel isolated from their families and prefer to have a sewing area right in the middle of everything. Others prefer to be isolated without distractions. They like to be able to leave their work and find it undisturbed when they get back to it.
Whatever your preference in work areas, make comfort and good lighting your biggest concerns.
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