Making Templates


Applique is the process of applying one piece of fabric on top of another for decorative or functional purposes.

Most Applique designs are shown as full-size drawings for the completed designs. The drawings show dotted lines to indicate where one piece overlaps another. Other marks indicate placement of embroidery stitches for decorative purposes such as eyes, lips, flowers, etc.

For hand Applique, trace each template onto the right side of the fabric with template right side up. Cut around shape, adding a 1/8" - 1/4" seam allowance.

Before the actual Applique process begins, cut the background block and prepare it for stitching. Most Applique designs are centered on the block. To find the center of the background square, fold it in half and in half again; crease with your fingers. Now unfold and fold diagonally and crease; repeat for other corners referring to the figure below

Making Templates

Centerline creases help position the design. If centering the Applique design is important, an X has been placed on each drawing to mark the center of the design. Match the X with the creased center of the background block when placing pieces.

If you have a full-size drawing of the design, as is given with most Applique designs, it might help you to draw on the background block to help with placement. Transfer the design to a large piece of tracing paper. Place the paper on top of the design; use masking tape to hold in place. Trace design onto paper.

If you don't have a light box, tape the pattern on a window; center the background block on top and tape in place. Trace the design onto the background block with a water-erasable marker or chalk pencil. This drawing will mark exactly where the fabric pieces should be placed on the background block.

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