Machine Piecing

If making templates, include the 1/4" seam allowance on the template for machine-piecing. Place template on the wrong side of the fabric as for hand-piecing except butt pieces against one another when tracing.

Set machine on 2.5 or 12-15 stitches per inch. Join pieces as for hand-piecing for set-in seams; but for other straight seams, begin and end sewing at the end of the fabric patch sewn as shown in Figure 10. No backstitching is necessary when machine-stitching.

Figure 10
Begin machine-piecing at the end of the piece, not at the end of the seam.
Machine Piecing

Join units as for hand-piecing referring to the piecing diagrams where needed. Chain-piecing (Figure 11 - sewing several like units before sewing other units) saves time by eliminating beginning and ending stitches.

Figure 11
Units may be chain-pieced to save time.
Machine Piecing

When joining machine-pieced units, match seams against each other with seam allowances pressed in opposite directions to reduce bulk and make perfect matching of seams possible (Figure 12).

Figure 12
Sew machine-piecing units with seams pressed in opposite directions.
Machine Piecing
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