Binding the Quilt

Quilting Basics

Join binding strips on short ends with diagonal seams to make one long strip; trim seams to 1/4" and press seams open (Figure 4).
Binding the Quilt
Fold 1" of one short end to wrong side and press. Fold the binding strip in half with wrong sides together along length, again referring to Figure 4; press.

Starting about 3" from the folded short end, sew binding to quilt top edges, matching raw edges and using a 1/4" seam. Stop stitching 1/4" from corner and backstitch (Figure 5).
Binding the Quilt
Fold binding up at a 45-degree angle to seam and then down even with quilt edges, forming a pleat at corner, referring to Figure 6.
Binding the Quilt
Resume stitching from corner edge as shown in Figure 6, down quilt side, backstitching 1/4" from next corner. Repeat, mitering all corners, stitching to within 3" of starting point.

Trim binding end long enough to tuck inside starting end and complete stitching (Figure 7).
Binding the Quilt
Fold binding to quilt back and stitch in place by hand or machine to complete your quilt.
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