Customer Reviews for Learn to Crochet Sweaters: Raglan, Top-Down & Motif

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January 12, 2016
Jeannine M
This was my first video class for crochet and I am so glad I purchased this class. I've been crocheting for quite a while but mostly just dabbled in small projects. Robyn got me so enthused about crochet again that I am crocheting the Brooklyn Motif Tunic now. I was never sure about blocking and gauge and she explained it perfectly. I really love the way she presents her classes and her teaching technique is so good. One thing I was impressed with, she never says, ah, and ah, anytime during the 3 + hours of the class. She gave me confidence once again to try some sweaters and ideas on how to adjust for fit. I also love the stitch diagram included with the lessons as I agree with her about trying to follow between the *.*. I wish I could crochet as fast as her! I will get there though as I plan on doing all the sweaters I can find and hope they all have the stitch diagrams too. Thanks Robyn!!!
August 27, 2015
I have been doing crochet for years, and quite never tackle how to make my own design to fit perfectly. Well, these days are so over now. Robyn explained it so well that I truly understand how to "break down" the construction of a sweater, top, cardigan and the layout she does with the post it? BRILLIANT!! And easy to understand and to play with. Office depot, here I come, they better start stacking these post it for me.
Thank you Robyn for demystifying it all, my fear of crochet designing my own sweaters just fade away. I felt comfortable with your teaching techniques, your pace and ability to slip tips and tricks between your overall explanations. Thumbs up for you from cold Federal District of Mexico.
June 15, 2015
Noelia R
I LOVE this class and the TEACHER. I considered myself an intermediate crocheter. I learned through YouYube with great women who have hundreds of videos. Difference is in those little details and great tips Robyn share with us. She touches some basic but fundamentals points I think are very important and I love the pace of the class. This is a very well done class. I look forward to take a part II class in which Robyn give us a more Advance techniques and learn more with her. I hope Annie's can work on this soon. Thanks Robyn!
May 25, 2015
Mary S
I thought that this class was very well done. There is some basic information, but I learned new information and now feel even more comfortable when making yarn substitutions. Robyn explains ideas and techniques very well and speaks at a very good instructional pace (which should be slower than normal conversation). I've only crocheted one very basic sweater before, and am looking forward to expanding my skills and trying all of the sweaters in this class.
May 25, 2015
Muriell V
Thank you for covering all the details. I've never tried making a sweater but now have the courage to start. I've learned a lot already from the introductions in the videos. Great class!
May 16, 2015
Natalie W
I was happy with this video class. In my area, there is no LYS that offer any crochet classes. I would say this class is for people at the beginner level of garment crocheting. You need some crochet experience, since Robyn does not start at the absolute beginning of how to crochet.
I like her style of teaching. She goes into some detail on how the top down pattern is done. I am interested in studying this in greater detail in order to try to design my own top down sweater with another stitch pattern.
She also talks about finishing and blocking.
I think this is a good class for most people starting to get into garment crochet.
April 29, 2015
Reba H
I am just getting started but the instructions are easy to follow and very thorough. I wish I had started this years ago but the written patterns seemed intimidating. I would definitely recommend this class.
April 29, 2015
Carol S
She drove me crazy over explaining everything as if I were a person who had never picked up a crochet hook or ball of yarn.

I bought this for the patterns but I doubt I will finish watching the video and I almost feel I am due a partial refund due mostly to the 45 minutes of beginner crochet lessons that I did watch until I could take no more.

If you are going to charge for patterns and the class to make the pattern then scale them so that we know that we are getting basic training in a beginner's pattern or an intermediate pattern for those who at least know how to tie a slip knot without instructions and advanced so that we can skip all the garble and go right to the pattern and any special instructions needed for the pattern but NOT THE BASICS!

A person can find numerous "Basics" videos on YouTube, they don't need you to bored them to death.

I suggest you produce a "Crochet Basics" video and refer to it in your patterns and cut that much out of the purchased pattern videos.

I will not be purchasing another video from Annie's, I prefer to work only with a written or graphed pattern so I can cut out the needless basics chatter.
December 10, 2014
Natalie O
I've been looking at pictures and patterns for tops and sweaters for months, but hadn't the courage to begin anything. Robyn is friendly and engaging. She gives clear explanations with great visual demonstration and example garments. The course is well organized as she progresses step by step with working demonstrations and pre-completed pieces that clearly illustrate each stage of each project. She has chosen three patterns that each illustrate a different construction method, so I've gained a great foundation of basic methods that I can use to master a huge variety of sweater designs. The patterns given with the course are very attractive, not boring or plain looking, even though they're surprisingly simple to make! Robyn also points to more advanced customization techniques that I can explore when I'm ready. As mentioned by the other reviewer, it's great that I can ask questions and get real answers and I can watch the video again any time. My fear is long gone! Now, all I need is patience and loads more yarn!
October 4, 2014
Donna T
Watched & can't wait to try them. GREAT JOB explaining everything. I like that I can come back & watch whenever & ask questions if need be!!!