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Customer Reviews for Learn to Crochet Socks

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4.5 out of 5 (Reviewed by 29 customers.)

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February 1, 2016
Cynthia H
Rohn is a good instructor, but he has a habit of going so fast it is hard to see and follow what he is doing, He doesn't repeat it more than once or twice. I am an experienced knitter and crocheter, but have never crochet socks. This was a good class for content and learned a lot of new tricks.
January 18, 2016
Susie R
I have tried to knit and crochet socks for years! Thank you Rohn for the excellent class, I finally did it ! Now I have to make them for my family, as I am stuck on socks now!
January 17, 2016
Nancy C
Excellent class, great details.
December 26, 2015
Roxane L
Rohn is super bad as in awesome. PLEASE keep up the terrific work with helping us crocheters out here. Now all we need is granny square class.
December 7, 2015
Judy K
I just read Joanne's review and she talks of knitting socks, I believe this video is all about crocheting socks. Am I missing something?
Annie's Customer Service

Judy - Yes, you're right - the class is about crocheting socks!
December 6, 2015
Joanne H
Rohn gives clear instructions for working the stitches and making the socks. Sock knitting assumes you know how to knit and are comfortable with the basic stitches and casting on. If you are a beginner this class may seem quick and difficult but just go over the video sections again as needed to get the stitches down. Knitting takes practice and making your own socks will be well worth the effort practicing and learning the techniques. Hand knit socks are far superior to machine knit socks you purchase in the stores and very rewarding! Great class and excellent instructor.
December 6, 2015
Kerry B
Great class and exceptional instructor!! Not sure this is a class for beginners however. Confident intermediate or experienced would be better rating. Hope he teaches another class!
December 3, 2015
Barbara H
I wish I would have had a preview of this class before I brought it. The instructor was way too fast in explaining the stitches. He didn't show the stitches very well. For a beginner, I didn't get much out of the class. It is not worth $25.00. Time for a new video.
November 30, 2015
Carolyn M
The only thing I can print out is the stitch guide. I have tried everything to print out the other downloads and it won't print it out.
Annie's Customer Service

Carolyn - please try printing the materials one page at a time. It may be that printing the entire document is exceeding your printer memory. If you're still having problems after trying this, please contact us at