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Customer Reviews for Quilt As You Go Sophie Tote Pattern w/ Pre-Printed Batting

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February 4, 2021
Rosalie T
I have only two complaints about this tote. First, it's enormous... far bigger than I expected. The website says the finished size is 15' x 14' x 4', when in fact, that is the bottom measurement. Because the bag is tapered, it actually measures 19" across the top. For me, it's way bigger than practical. If I make it again (without the benefit of the pre-printed batting, of course), I would definitely scale it down both horizontally and vertically. Second, I don't like that the inside seams are in plain view. Because I've made other quilted totes that had linings which hid the seams, I expected this to be the same way. But you have to buy the pattern to then find out that it isn't, and that you have to go to extra lengths to hide the seam. I am an average sewer with an average sewing machine, and do not have a serger or pinking shears (two of the ways suggested to finish the seams). The instructions indicate that you can optionally stitch, serge or use pinking shears on the seams, but that's all they say. It's left up to you. If you do nothing, it looks terrible. I decided to buy bias tape that matches the color of my material to sew around the seams to cover them up. This last comment is not a complaint but a suggestion...there is no closure for this tote. I used the pattern for a button hole loop from another tote to fashion a closure with a button because I want the ability to close it up, particularly because it is so wide at the top. I sewed the button hole loop on prior to attaching the binding.