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May 16, 2015
Betty C
I too, have made these beautiful dresses. Now I'd like to find a very simple slip pattern to go under them. They are much prettier with a slip. I've paid as much as $20.00 for slips, which seems exorbitant for a baby slip. What do all you use for slips?
January 31, 2015
Tina C
I still have the original book of these patterns which I bought many years ago. To save the book I printed a copy of it then scanned a copy to my PC. I have made each of them at least once but most of them several times. I have made them with the yoke in 1 color and the body in another, makes for a unique look. I have made them in crochet thread to baby yarn. By using different yarns and hooks the size can be changed, as a result I have made them to fit a 2-3 year old girl.
January 16, 2015
Norah T
Love, love this book of dresses, my original book is in tatters!!!! I need a new copy! Made them all at least once and many of them multiple times!!! Lovely new grandbaby, time to make them all over again!!
June 26, 2014
Diana R
I too had these patterns many years ago and shared them with my mother. I guess in sharing them caused us to lose them and I have been looking for them for a very long time. I have made many for gifts and they have been a big hit. Have had a granddaughter 2 years ago and couldn't find the patterns. They are too small for her but I imagine I will be making them for friend's children and grandchildren now.
May 21, 2014
Maria G
I am a new member but I purchased several of Annie's patterns many years ago. About a week ago I decided to make another dress for a niece of mine. I was in a hospital waiting room just yesterday and had the pattern on a little table. Well I got up to leave and left my pattern on the table! My husband was nice enough to take me back but it was gone! I decided to look up Annie's Attic to see if you still were in business and as luck had it you are and I found that beautiful little book of patterns! You have one happy lady here :). Thank you for keeping the old in stock!
February 28, 2014
Stacy V
I am amazed that these patterns are still around! I got them about 28 years ago!!! I have made most of them many, many times. The only one I really didn't care for was the Precious Pinafore. After all that crocheting I really didn't feel like sewing a dress to go under the pinafore. After I made the dresses a few times each I was even able to swap sleeves. I also found that by using a larger hook size and as the yarns changed over the years a thicker yarn, that these patterns actually fit up to a size 3 to 4! My daughters each got at least two new crocheted dresses a year, some years three, and my nieces all got one, my close friends young daughters got one, and I gave them to all the newborn girls born in our church for many many years. These patterns have been well used and loved! The patterns are well written (or I should say were). Directions are easy to follow, I taught myself to read a pattern by following these. And even though the dresses take a bit of time to complete (most take between 25-30 hours) they are never boring! LOL! I hope you enjoy them half as much as I have! Happy Crocheting!
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