Learn to Quilt With Scraps: Stash to Treasure video
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Learn to Quilt With Scraps: Stash to Treasure
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Gyleen Fitzgerald is known for her exquisite quilts that beautifully blend color, pattern and texture to provide a contemporary essence in traditional quilting. Her strength as a quilter is demonstrated by the infusion of engineering tools and innovative techniques to simplify visually complex quilts. She shares her enthusiasm for quilting through interactive lectures and... Full bio »

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Everyone agrees that we quilters love fabric -- and the more we have in our stash, the better! And now you can learn how to take that valuable fabric stash and turn it into beautiful quilts that you'll truly love and enjoy for years to come!

Join Gyleen Fitzgerald as she takes you on a quilting journey that will change your life. You'll learn how to make order and harmony from that stash of fabric and how to balance bold prints with smaller prints and in-between prints. You'll understand how to group color families in a scrap quilt to make the project sing. As you follow along in this class, you'll feel empowered to turn to your fabric stash instead of heading to the fabric store when starting a new project!

In this class you'll learn how to:
  • Create a visually pleasing fabric "choir" with a soloist (focal fabric), harmonizer (fabric that bridges the soloist to the choir members), choir members (scraps) and stage (background fabric).
  • Recognize what makes a bold print work or not work as a quilt's focal fabric.
  • Cut scraps into precut shapes for faster quilting.
  • Organize your scraps so you know what's in your stash at any time.
  • Line antique blocks to add stability and longevity.
  • Use both precuts and scraps in one quilt.
  • Cut triangles, diamonds, hexagons, half-hexagons and cones with Gyleen's Polygon and Polygon2 tools.
  • Turn antique blocks of varying sizes into uniform-size blocks by adding borders and corner triangles.
  • Make an on-point square pieced border.
  • Calculate a float border to accommodate any quilt.
  • Make a pieced scrap backing for any quilt.
Class includes complete instructions to make three beautiful, exclusive scrap quilts: Hopscotch Table Runner, Paradise Dream wall hanging and Arrowhead Star Quilt With Pieced Border.

Learn to Quilt With Scraps: Stash to Treasure streaming online class and DVD include full video and written instructions to make the A Perfectly Pieced Border Sized for Any Quilt. If you purchase A Perfectly Pieced Border Sized for Any Quilt single-project online workshop and later purchase Learn to Quilt With Scraps: Stash to Treasure, you can receive credit for the single-project workshop by emailing Customer_Service@AnniesCraftStore.com or call us toll free at (800) 282-6643.

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