Choosing Great Color Schemes video
Choosing Great Color Schemes
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Kristi Simpson enjoys creating original and current looks. From fresh fashion for infants and children to fun and flirty hats, shawls and some of the latest amigurumi shapes, her designs are approachable for beginners and stimulating for crocheters with a variety of experience levels. Full bio »

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Imagine this -- you fall in love with a project in a magazine and decide you just have to make it! Then you realize it calls for 5 different colors, and the colors the designer used don't match your decor. What do you do?

Join expert Kristi Simpson as she shares many practical tips for choosing pleasing color combinations. She'll show you how to get color scheme inspiration from magazines and fabric, and how to specifically build a gorgeous color palette for yarn projects. She'll also show you several innovative products from top yarn manufacturers that take the work out of choosing colors.