Baby Moccasin Booties video
Baby Moccasin Booties
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Lena Skvagerson is lead designer for Annie's exclusive pattern collection, Annie's Signature Designs. Lena is also producer and one of the hosts of Annie's popular TV show Knit and Crochet Now! Lena was born and raised in Sweden. She learned to crochet and knit at age 5, made her first sweater by the time she turned 15, and created her first knitwear collection at age 17!... Full bio »

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Learn how to crochet a favorite Annie's Signature Designs pattern, Baby Moccasins, with expert Lena Skvagerson! Sized for babies and toddlers, these adorable baby booties have lots of fresh color options and are embellished with cute fringe and cross stitches!

In this episode, ideal for all skill levels of crocheters from beginners to experienced, Lena demonstrates how to work basic crochet stitches plus front post and back post double crochets, increases and decreases, and easy color changes.

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