Beginning Knit Lace: First Lace Cowl video
Beginning Knit Lace: First Lace Cowl
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Corrina is the Editor of Creative Knitting magazine and owner of Picnicknits. Full bio »

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Are you a knitter who wants to learn how to knit lace? If so, then you're sure to enjoy this episode featuring the gorgeous pattern, First Lace Cowl. It's just the right size to learn and practice your lace knitting skills!

With this project demonstrated by knitting editor and expert Corrina Ferguson, you'll learn how to work a knit gauge swatch and measure it accurately, and how to work three lace patternsŚopen slipped stitch, scallop and a slipped chain cable. Watch this episode to learn the techniques and hear Corrina's recommendations for the best yarns to use for this project.

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