Assemble Your Own Pallet Wall video
Assemble Your Own Pallet Wall
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One thing Tammy Shupenia loves about interior decorating is taking everyday items around the house and reusing them in new and imaginative ways. As a stylist for Annie's, Tammy puts her talent to use designing beautiful arrangements for fashion and home decor. Full bio »

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Have you admired the rustic or refined looks of pallet boards used for making a variety of trendy home design features? Learn how to creatively assemble your own pallet wall with Annie's photo stylist Tammy Shupenia in this Creative Living episode.

  • Deconstructed pallets (use a reciprocating saw) or buy bundles of pallet boards at a local home or hardware store
  • Paint for the wall you wish to cover with the pallet boards
  • Furring strips if the wall is 8' x 10' or larger
  • Brad nailer and brad nails
  • Level
  • Liquid nails (if not using furring strips)
  • Table saw to rip pallet boards if necessary to fit to desired wall height