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Fabric-Wrapped Cord: Scrappy Quilter's Bowl
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Heather Valentine is the voice behind The Sewing Loft. This self-proclaimed fabric hoarder likes to stitch the night away and dreams of one day discovering a better way to detangle her thread collection. Full bio »

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All quilters and sewers should have one of these cute bowls next to their sewing machine! Using fabric scraps and cord, you'll learn a fun new technique to complete this project in just a few hours! Join quilting expert Heather Valentine for this Learn, Make, Create! episode to see her demonstrate how to make this project step by step.

In this episode, you'll learn how to:
  • Turn your scraps into a pretty and useful bowl.
  • Attach fabric strips to the clothesline with glue.
  • Coil the fabric-wrapped cord as you put it through the machine.
  • Create a simple pincushion to attach to the bowl.
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