The Bookcase Quiltalong: Part 1 video
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The Bookcase Quiltalong: Part 1
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Nancy McNally is passionate about every aspect of quilting -- designing, piecing, quilting and binding. Full bio »

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Choose your favorite genres such as gardening, music, quilting and sewing or Christmas, and create a gorgeous bookcase quilt that reflects your interests and style! This easy level quilt is a study in a variety of quilting techniques including applique and fussy cutting. Applying each technique in The Bookcase Quiltalong will increase your skill and know-how.

Join quilting expert Nancy McNally in this episode of Quilter's Skill Builders as she introduces The Bookcase Quiltalong pattern and materials and discusses how to make your quilt a one-of-a-kind design. You'll finish one section of the 35" x 45" quilt in each weekly episode of this 9-part quilting.

In this episode, you'll learn how to:
  • Consider how fabric prints can personalize your bookshelves.
  • Plan your supplies.
  • Complete Part 1 of The Bookcase Quiltalong.

Small pieces 28 novelty prints, including black solid. Note: Finished sample fabrics include black solid, terra cotta tonal, dark green batik, medium green tonal, light green tonal, black metallic oriental print, dark red tonal, gold tonal, orange leaf print, blue tonal, black metallic print, rust tonal, black-with-white dot, dark red solid, red plaid, black-and-white check, red metallic floral print, rust print, black swirl tonal, black background metallic fruit print, black and small white dot, green swirl tonal, dark brown tonal, white tonal, black-and-white stripe, medium scale floral print, black floral print and gold dot.
  • 1 yard gray dot
  • 1 yard white tonal
  • Backing to size
  • Batting to size
  • Thread
  • Fusible web with paper release
  • Template material
  • Gold embroidery floss
  • Monofilament
  • Fine-point permanent marking pen
  • Basic sewing tools and supplies
Skill level:
Confident beginner
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