Sort Those Scraps! video
Sort Those Scraps!
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Heather Valentine is the voice behind The Sewing Loft. This self-proclaimed fabric hoarder likes to stitch the night away and dreams of one day discovering a better way to detangle her thread collection. Full bio »

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"Should I keep that scrap or toss it?" How many times have you weighed the pros and cons of keeping every last fabric scrap? If you're like most quilters and sewers, you ask yourself that question all the time!

In this Quick Stitches & Tips episode brought to you by Annie's Creative Studio, sewing and quilting expert Heather Valentine helps you ask the right questions to keep the scraps you'll actually use for future projects. Join her for part 1 of 2 scrappy episodes that will inspire you to tackle your stash with a clear plan of action.

In this episode, you'll learn how to:
  • Sort fabric scraps by size and shape.
  • Sort scraps by color.
  • Sort scraps based on how you'll use them.
  • Know when it's OK to toss a scrap!