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Citrus Summer Quilt
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Surrounded by fabric and farmland, Linda Augsburg loves playing with patterns and prints, and she dreams of a day when she can finish a sewing project at the same moment that the bobbin empties. Full bio »

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Create a colorful flower quilt using Log Cabin blocks. The Citrus Summer Quilt is comprised of 12 large blocks featuring bright green and pops of yellow and orange . This quilt is a fun and easy project!

In this Learn, Make, Create! online video class brought to you by Annieís Creative Studio, quilt expert Linda Augsburg demonstrates how to create the Citrus Summer Quilt.

In this online video class, youíll learn how to:
  • Prepare the circle templates and fuse them to the fabric.
  • Cut and sew half-square triangle units.
  • Sew the Log Cabin Blocks.
  • Add fabric strips to the Log Cabin Blocks to create Flower Blocks.
  • Assemble and complete the Citrus Summer Quilt.
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