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Embroidery Supplies for Creative Embellishments

Embroidering is a timeless hobby you can practice while adding a personalized flourish to your wardrobe and home dÚcor. Embroidery supplies from Annie's feature brands you trust and the Embroidery Patterns you need to stay inspired.

Embroidery Supplies and Resources

Whereas embroidery doesn't require a lot of supplies, there are some items you'll want to have on hand whenever you're working on a project: needlework fabric, thread and floss and, of course, embroidery needles. Beyond these basics, Annie's also carries helpful embroidery notions and aids that make more complicated projects easier to complete. Browse our embroidery supplies, such as irons, frames, and other tools to find notions that can solve your crafting challenges.

In addition to basic embroidery supplies, Annie's carries a large variety of embroidery patterns and designs. From embroidery books to embroidery patterns to download, there are a range of formats to choose from, so you can find a project that suits your skill level and style. When you choose your patterns and supplies from Annie's you can use the time you'd spend searching around the craft store on embroidering instead!