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Get Crafting with Crochet Hooks

The key to any successful endeavor is to have the right tools for the job. When it comes to crocheting, that means you need the right crochet hook! Find all the crochet hook sizes you're looking for at Annie's. Single hooks and crochet hook sets are available in bamboo, acrylic, and metal. Each material has its own advantages. Bamboo is an eco-friendly option that feels great in your hand and keeps yarn from slipping too much. Acrylic crochet hooks are kid-friendly and a great option for beginner's projects. Metal crochet hooks are a great choice for the fast-paced crocheter, in that they provide for a smoothness of movement as the yarn glides along the hook.

Crochet Hooks in Must-Have Sizes for All Your Crocheting Patterns

You'll need a different size crochet hook depending on the gauge your crochet patterns call for. You can invest in a set of crochet hooks up front or gradually build your collection as you work on different projects.

Did you know that there are uses for crochet hooks beyond crocheting itself? Use a crochet hook to button a wedding dress or place a Christmas ornament on a hanger. Crochet hooks are also useful in knitting, as you can use them to fix a dropped stitch. When you have your crochet hooks handy, you'll be surprised at how useful they are in situations that require a delicate touch.