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Needlework Aids Help Solve Crafting Problems

If you spend a lot of time on your needlework, you might have one little problem that nags at you. Whether it's eyestrain or consistently misplacing your scissors, these needlework aids offer a variety of simple solutions for common needlework troubles.

Needlework Aids and Craft Supplies

Use needlework aids from Annie's to make your cross stitch and embroidery projects a little easier. Looking at tiny stitches for long periods of time can be hard on your eyes, but a needlework aid such as a magnifier or a cross stitch light can help prevent eye fatigue. Fumbling around with a pattern that won't stay put can cause you to lose your place and make avoidable mistakes. Use a chart holder to keep your place and a handy chart case to keep your project protected and accessible.

If you have a lot of craft supplies, organization could be a problem. Spend less time trying to find the supplies you need by storing your tools in needlework aids, such as scissor holders and needle organizers. You can enjoy your needlework more when you always know where your needles and other Cross Stitch Supplies are.