Omega Crys

This is a very smooth yarn with a polyester fiber added to it for brightness. It is perfect for all smooth and fine hand woven items, especially baby garments!


68% Acrylic; 32% Polyester

1.4 oz/287 yds/40g

Crochet Gauge
32-42 double crochets = 4 inches on US steel hooks 6, 7, 8 to regular US size B/1/2.25mm hook

Knit Gauge
30 sts = 4 inches on US size 0/2mm needles

Hand wash, dry flat, iron when needed.

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Magenta Magenta Item # 839157 $3.49 26 in stock
Hazelnut Hazelnut Item # 806659 $3.49 14 in stock
Red Mix Red Mix Item # 839160 $3.49 35 in stock

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July 6, 2016
Linda S
I came to be familiar with Omega Cry's yarn, quite by opportunity. It was on sale for .69 per ball. Had it not been for that, I never would have discovered how much I would love it! The colors are brilliant and very compatible between one another. Now that I've fallen in love with Omega Cry's, I plan to purchase one of each color, at full price, to make delightful little gifties that I've altered, to make them my own, from the crochet magazine called, Crochet World. These little gifties, have gone over BIG, with those I've gifted them to!
November 18, 2015
Carole J P
I am amazed at the products that have come into my life, I was so excited when I started using Omega size 10 but what a real treat to use Crys. It is soft, and easy to handle as well as beautiful is colors. I am very happy to be able to find these wonderful products from Omega and will continue to use this thread and to tell others of the ease of use with all the Omega family of threads and yarns.
June 14, 2015
Sandra A
This yarn is lovely. Great choice for the dress I'm making. The shimmer gives the garment a rich looking texture. Works up like a size 10 thread but has the stretch and give of yarn. The work turns out softer and lighter in weight than a thread too. Comes in a nice range of colors, simply beautiful!
October 15, 2014
Gloria E
Love the texture but it wasn't true to the color of Hazelnut. I thought it would be like the color shown instead it is way, way lighter than expected. All in all I love this yarn!
May 5, 2014
Linda W
I have used Omega Crys on and off for years to make Barbie™ doll clothes. It normally works up VERY close to size 10 thread and in many ways much nicer. If Annie's has a 5-star item, this is it!

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