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Free Preview: Learn to Machine Quilt
Skill Level: Beginner
Wendy Sheppard
Learn to Machine Quilt
Learn to Machine Quilt
Wendy Sheppard, Instructor

Learn how to beautifully finish quilts on your own sewing machine 9 nine machine-quilting techniques including stippling, pebbles, swirly vines and more. Find out more in the Class Description below.


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Learn the techniques and tips to develop your free-motion machine quilting skills!

If you cringe when handing over your precious quilts to someone else to finish, then it's time to learn how to finish them yourself using your domestic sewing machine. Machine-quilting expert Wendy Sheppard remembers what it's like to learn how to machine quilt—the fear and frustration, but more importantly, the satisfaction at learning valuable machine-quilting skills. Her experience and expertise will guide you and give you the confidence to beautifully quilt your projects.
In this quilting class, you will:
  • Discover which threads, needles, batting and notions work best with machine quilting
  • Learn how to securely start and stop stitching
  • Discover how to imprint quilt motifs in your brain before taking them to the sewing machine
  • Practice and learn straight-line stitching close together and far apart parallel lines, corners and crosshatching
  • Learn free-motion quilting techniques stippling, swirly vines, interchanging vine, allover swirls, jester's hat, single and double echoing, and pebbles.
Practice each quilting technique as you create a 24" x 24" tone-on-tone sampler wall hanging included in the class.

Learning these techniques and quilting motifs will greatly enhance and broaden your ability to finish your quilts, allowing you to add more texture, depth and beauty to your quilted creations.

Annie's online classes include downloadable and printable class patterns in PDF format in addition to the online video content. You can view online classes at your convenience, 24/7, 365 days a year from any mobile device, both tablet and non-tablet (phones, iPod Touch, etc.) but classes are best viewed on tablets or computers.
FREE -- Class Overview
FREE -- Introduction
Essential Tools & Notions
Prepping the Class Project
Quilting Straight Lines
Allover Swirls
Jester's Hat
Swirly Vines
Interchanging Vines
Finishing the Project
Class Wrap-Up
up down
Class Project Photos

Customer Reviews for Learn to Machine Quilt:

Average Rating:
4.5 out of 5 (Reviewed by 9 customers.)

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June 8, 2014
Gail K
Wendy's instructions are clear and precise, making it easier to trust my process and vision. Yes, small flaws are easily hidden by the over-all complexity and impact of the finished product, however, SLOWING DOWN was the best advice. It not only helped my accuracy, but made me feel more in control of the whole process. I'll watch this video many more times as it is the best free motion instruction I've found. Thanks, Wendy and Annie.
April 7, 2014
Ree T
I have been struggling to teach myself to quilt and had almost given up. After watching this video, I had so many questions answered and problems areas corrected. I learned so much and have accomplished a quilting project that is the finest work I have ever done. I cannot tell you how much this video has helped me. I will watch it repeatedly to make sure I get it all. Thanks so much, Wendy.
March 5, 2014
Jennifer T
I am what you would call a very beginning beginner, but I don't even want to consider using ties or sending my quilt off to be quilted. After watching the class, and getting the big foot and walking foot sent via the mail, I am ready to tryout some of the techniques, so when I do get my quilt top ready, I will be ready to tackle some of the free motion ways we were showed. I love these videos, this is my second and I'd ;love to watch more!!!!! I wish she went a little but slower, but that is what pause and rewind are for!!! :)

February 25, 2014
Janet L
I have watched this video several times, but I must be the dumbest quilter on the planet. The way you do each block individually is great, and that seems to work for me, but you didn't put the blocks together to form the entire quilt. I need help doing this. I have tried another method, by quilting just the top and the batting together and at the end adding the backing, and still there are a lot of flaws. Please make another video on how to complete the quilt. Thank You!
Annie's Customer Service

Janet - The individual blocks are for the lessons while learning to machine quilt. To create the quilt a whole piece of fabric is used with individual blocks delineated by quilting straight lines in the fabric. Hope this helps and happy quilting!
January 5, 2014
Peggie B
Not sure why others have not rated this class higher. Probably the best free motion quilting class I have taken. I love how the instructor first draws the stitch on paper and then clearly shows the pattern while sewing.

For me, it worked best to watch one section, try it out to see where problems arose for me, go back and watch again, making sure that I also sketched the pattern and then finally stitch along while watching. Some I had more problems than others, so I just kept repeating the above process.

I have to say that if Wendy teaches any more free motion quilting stitches, I will be on board.

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