Crafter's Collection Needle Sets

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Crafter's Collection Needle Sets
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From embroidery or quilting to beading or basting, these needles will suit your needs.

A carefully selected collection, this set of needles will perfect your skill and help you to master your craft! Each packet of each skill level contains 2 envelopes of 14 needles, and 2 envelopes of 18 of the large eye and calyx needles.


  • 5 embroidery needles, size 5
  • 4 quilting needles, size 5
  • 5 tapestry needles, size 22
  • 5 embroidery needles, size 7
  • 4 quilting needles, size 8
  • 5 tapestry needles, size 24
  • 5 embroidery needles, size 10
  • 4 quilting needles, size 10
  • 5 tapestry needles, size 26
Large eye/calyx:
  • 9 embroidery needles, size 3
  • 5 quilting needles, size 4
  • 4 short darning needles, size 5

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Beginner Needle Set$2.9933 in stock.
Beginner Needle Set
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Intermediate Needle Set$2.99
Intermediate Needle Set
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Advanced Needle Set$2.9939 in stock.
Advanced Needle Set
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Large Eye/Easy Threading Needle Set$2.99
Large Eye/Easy Threading Needle Set
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Crafter's Collection Needles
Crafter's Collection Needles

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