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12 unique & handy hot mats!

These 12 designs are worked in easy-to-care-for cotton yarn in a wide spectrum of luscious colors. The lacy-looking hot mats will add beauty to your kitchen, yet they are thick and durable enough to protect tabletops and fingertips! All are made using Premier® Yarns Home Cotton.

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Silhouette Hot Mats
FauxChet Stitching Beginner Basics Book 1 TuTu Baby Set Lace Covered Hangers
FauxChet Stitching Beginner Basics Book 1
This 64 pg. printed book contains step-by-step instructions, creative techniques and easy patterns...
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TuTu Baby Set
This diaper set is "tutu" cute! Made holding 2 stands together of approximately 250--300 yds of...
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Lace Covered Hangers
Give a touch of luxury to your friends with these beautiful crocheted padded hanger covers. The 4...
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Crochet patterns and supplies to create hand-stitched clothing, accessories and more for your family and home!

Crochet patterns from Annie's come in a large assortment of projects, including crocheted clothing, accessories, home décor, and more. Browse our new crochet patterns to keep up on the latest trends and projects or visit our crochet kits to find your patterns and supplies all in one place.

Crochet Patterns & Supplies

When you get your crochet patterns from Annie's, you can also browse our huge selection of crocheting supplies and resources. Our Crochet Books feature collections of patterns with helpful tips and techniques. For seasonal projects and articles, you'll love our crocheting magazines. Plus, watching a crocheting DVD is a great way to get some visual instructions to help you learn how to crochet or pick up a new stitch.

Don't forget to browse Annie's collection of hooks, yarn, and crochet supplies for all the notions you'll need for your projects. When you find your patterns and crocheting supplies at Annie's, you can save time and know you're getting understandable instructions and quality materials to work with. Whether you're a crocheting beginner or an experienced crafter looking to create a beautiful project, Annie's offers wonderful resources and soft yarns, so you can create beautiful projects for your family, your home, or just for fun.

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