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Snuggle up to a lap quilt!

Use Lap Quilt Patterns for Warm Home Decor

Lap quilts keep you warm and make a decorative statement. Annie's has lap quilt patterns in a variety of styles so you can make a beautiful quilt that will coordinate with your home's décor for a warm finishing touch. Use applique lap quilt patterns for a bit of texture or traditional lap quilts for a classic look.

Lap Quilt Patterns & Project Ideas

Lap quilts are a versatile size and style. They look great draped over the back of a couch or chair or displayed on a blanket frame. Not only are they the perfect size for keeping you warm while you read a book or watch television, but they also can double as baby blanket designs. So, take a look at Annie's collection of patterns for lap quilts and throws and find inspiration and more for your next project! These scrap lap quilts are a perfect way to use your leftover fabric from other projects, whereas handy fat quarter lap quilt patterns work perfectly with precuts.

In addition to these wonderful options for lap quilt patterns, Annie's also carries plenty of quilting fabric, needles, threads, and quilting tools. Once you choose a pattern, you can purchase the supplies you'll need to complete the project.