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Kelsey Baird

Kelsey Baird is the editorial assistant for Country Sampler’s special home decorating publications. Inspired by the creativity and talent of the Country Sampler team and other crafters at Annie’s, Kelsey enjoys repurposing and creating unique home decor pieces. She has also recently taken up gardening and is excited to get creative with her small space!
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Molly Beals

Molly Beals is an advertising account manager at Annie's Publishing. She manages print and digital media marketing opportunities.

Her love of handcrafting started at the young age of six when her aunt taught her how to embroider, knit and crochet. Later in life she picked it back up when she had two children. Inspired to make items for her kids, family and friends, she picked up the needle and thread again and hasn't looked back! Creating heirlooms and preserving memories for others has become a passion, and she loves to share her journey!
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Peggy Benjamin

Peggy Benjamin was a hobby quilter at one time with a career in corporate marketing and brand management. Today she owns and operates a small quilting supplies online shop.

Peggy and fiance Rex Moreland created the Easy Binding Winder to meet Peggy's need for better binding management. Peggy understood the problem and Rex designed the prototype. When her quilting friends saw the winder, they wanted one too, and that's the beginning of the story of the Easy Binding Winder.

Learn more about Easy Binding Winder at
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Marly Bird

Marly Bird is the national spokesperson for Red Heart Yarns and a published crochet and knitting designer. She is also an author, teacher, podcaster and blogger. Throughout the year, Marly travels the country teaching at national craft consumer shows and shares the love of Red Heart (including her new line called Chic Sheep by Marly Bird™) with her followers.

Marly's grandmother taught her to crochet in 1999, and a close friend taught her to knit in 2004. Marly found her calling in the yarn industry and had her first designs published in fall 2008, and she has not looked back.

You can find many of Marly's designs at and follow her video tutorials on her YouTube channel at

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Nancy Borsodi

Nancy Borsodi is a designer and photo stylist for Country Sampler's special home decorating publications. Nancy loves to create home decorating projects and ideas for others to incorporate into their own homes. Whether it's repurposing a piece to give it new life or creating a project from scratch, Nancy designs each idea with today's trends in mind. As a photo stylist, Nancy strives to bring those projects and ideas to life through inspiring images and room scenes.

Nancy has worked with the Country Sampler magazine for more than 18 years on various publications, both for consumer and trade, putting her skills to use creating DIY home decor and craft projects, incorporating inspiring home decorating ideas into various rooms, and fashioning unique retail props and visual displays. Nancy spent more than 16 years in visual display and design, merchandising and management in several retail environments. Her background in retail and visual merchandising as well as her current work in design and photo styling helps fuel her passion for creating and presenting unique and trend-inspired home decor.
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Debby Brown

Debby Brown's website summary describes her as a "designer and quilt enabler." Debby has been a Handi Quilter educator since 2005 and has inspired quilters all around the globe. In addition to teaching at retail shop events and guilds, Debby teaches at major quilt shows nationally and internationally, including International Quilt Festival (Houston), Australasian Quilt Convention (AQC), International Quilt Show Dubai, and American Quilters Society (Lancaster, Phoenix). She recently filmed a series of DVDs about sit-down machine quilting featuring the HQ Sweet Sixteen®.

Since Debby began quilting in 1986, she has completed several thousand quilts for herself and others. When not busy teaching, she is constantly creating in her studio in upstate New York. She and her husband were just promoted to "grandma and grandpa" and are very enthusiastic about their new roles!

Find out more about Debby at
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Jennifer Carroll

Jennifer Carroll is a noted entertaining expert, photographer, designer, writer and contributor to special decorating issues of Country Sampler magazine and is also the host of She is passionate about sharing recipes, decorating ideas, DIY projects and easy-to-implement tips to help make life sweeter and less stressful. As an event planner with more than 20 years of experience, Jennifer knows all the insider tricks and tips for turning a party into a celebration. "Beauty is inspiring and my ambition is to create as much of it as I can and share it with the world around me," she notes.

As a young adult, Jennifer worked as a model, and as a result was often invited to glamorous New York City parties, but rather than mingle with the elite, Jennifer often chatted with those behind the scenes to find out what made the parties absolutely sparkle. After modeling, she moved to Los Angeles where she worked at Davidoff of Geneva in Beverly Hills. At Davidoff, she organized and hosted countless celebrity dinners and special events. Missing the South, Jennifer moved back to Virginia and soon opened her own design and planning company, Jennifer Carroll Events. Her work received national attention and was featured in many magazines and websites. When her daughter was born, she stepped away from the event planning world and founded, a blog and online magazine.
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Emily Carter

Emily Carter is Senior Copy Editor at Annie's Publishing.

She learned to crochet in 2010 and to knit in 2015, thanks to the kindness and generosity of co-workers. Working for a craft publishing company, she's constantly surrounded by creativity and talent, and it inspired her to learn crafting. A yarnie at heart, she favors crochet and knitting but has played around with cross stitching and jewelry making. She wants to try her hand at sewing, too, and is currently in the market for a sewing machine. When she's not crafting, she's planning her next world travel expedition with her friends. In fact, one of the things on her ever-growing bucket list is to cover every page of her passport with stamps!
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Robyn Chachula

Robyn Chachula's path to her successful crochet design career began in architectural engineering. She pursued a career as a structural engineer specializing in historic preservation and renovation. Robyn has been a crochet expert on Annie's Knit and Crochet Now! television program, which appears on many PBS stations. She is also the instructor of Annie's Learn to Crochet Sweaters, Learn Yarn Substitutions for Crochet and Learn to Crochet Jewelry video classes and author of several books. You can find more of her designs at and
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Meredith Crawford

She's a successful blogger, author, designer and mult-talented crafter. She joins the team of experts on Knit and Crochet Now! for season 8.

She is a self-taught knitter with a little help from YouTube. She learned crochet and embroidery soon after.

For more on her work, visit
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Sherry Duncan

Sherry Duncan has an amazing wealth of craft knowledge. She not only brings experience and passion for quilting and sewing to the Annie's team and clients, but also an understanding of practical techniques in knit and crochet. She has published two knitting patterns.

Sherry began crafting as a teen. She started sewing vinyl tire covers using an old Singer sewing machine. This led to quilting and other kinds of sewing. After taking classes and learning wherever she could, she upgraded her machine to a Pfaff 1471, which she still uses today. Her husband came to love her sewing habits when she started sewing insulated coats for him. Those warm coats were perfect for all his outdoor activities.

Sherry has designed her own line of antique-looking dolls which required her to delve into decorative painting. From there she kept learning new techniques and crafts -- needlepoint canvas, needlework, embroidery, knitting, spinning, leather crafting, paper crafting and all other kinds of crafting.

She considers herself lucky to spend all day in the crafting world! She looks forward to continuing to learn and develop her skills and depth.
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Drew Emborsky

Drew Emborsky, (aka The Crochet Dude) is one of a few proud dude crocheters who is making a living doing what he loves.

Drew joined Knit and Crochet Now! for three seasons. He provided a unique perspective of expert advice, creative patterns and useful tips to help build the knowledge needed to create exciting knitting and crochet projects.

See more of his work at
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Corrina Ferguson

Corrina is the Editor of Creative Knitting magazine and owner of Picnicknits.

She learned to crochet as a teenager, but didn't cross over into knitting until 2005 when she decided 60 degrees was cold and subsequently moved to Florida. Before that, Corrina used paper crafts and scrapbooking as her creative outlet. Now, after 200 published designs and one book, Corrina is a knitwear designer, editor and an instructor for Annie's Creative Studio. Currently, Corrina is learning to sew in between all of her motherhood responsibilities and designer demands!
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Carolynn Geesaman

Carolynn Geesaman is a photo stylist with Country Sampler magazine. Her love of decorating on a shoestring is a lifelong passion, especially as a homemaker raising her family for 20 years. Carolynn loves the challenge of finding new life in old pieces, and she repurposes interesting and everyday items into creative ideas for her home, for the magazine and for videos. She loves to use old scales which she finds at auctions, flea markets and antique shops, and has a special fondness for vintage cameras, which she uses in her decorating style at home. As a self-taught interior designer, Carolynn credits her eye for design as a gift from God.
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Ellen Gormley

Ellen Gormley's design career began in 2004. She stitched more than 80 afghans before becoming a full-time designer. Within the crochet community, Ellen is particularly well-known for her stylish bead crochet and join-as-you-go crochet and motif designs. Today she has more than 250 designs including garments, bags and accessories and home decor.

Ellen's original projects have been published in numerous crochet magazines, and she has written two books. She is instructor of several successful Annie's online classes: Learn to Crochet, Learn to Join Crochet Motifs, Granny Squares: From Simple to Sensational, Learn to Crochet Lace, Learn to Read Symbol Crochet Diagrams and Learn to Bead Crochet.

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Rene Haines

Rene Haines is a Country Sampler photo stylist whose career as a decorator has evolved over time. Her passion for repurposing and recreating serves her well in her current position where she arranges displays, decorates homes for the magazine and originates unique design ideas. Rene especially loves finding vintage pieces and turning them into creative home accents.

She taught high school science for 11 years before moving into the design field as a florist which sparked a love for creating and designing.
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Jenny King

Jenny King is Australia's most published international crochet designer, with more than a dozen books to her name. Jenny is an enthusiastic teacher with 30 years' experience both in Australia and the United States. She teaches Master Crochet classes for Crochet Guild of America conferences as well as at other conferences and local yarn shops. She has had designs published in major magazines in the U.K., United States and Australia. Her latest Annie's books include Fashions to Flaunt Crocheted With Noro Yarns, Learn to do Bavarian Crochet and Bavarian Crochet on-the-Go. See more of her work at
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Toni Lipsey

Toni Lipsey is the designer and instructor behind TL Yarn Crafts. She strives to inspire others’ creativity through online tutorials and modern, approachable crochet patterns. Toni learned to crochet from her mother as a teenager and has been exploring the possibilities of yarn ever since. She is currently obsessed with making shawls in fun shapes and cozy sweaters. Follow her daily crochet journey on Instagram and find her patterns and maker gifts on
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