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Easy Binding Winder
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Peggy Benjamin was a hobby quilter at one time with a career in corporate marketing and brand management. Today she owns and operates a small quilting supplies online shop. Full bio »

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If your crafting calls for binding, trim, lace, ribbon and piping, you may find the Easy Binding Winder to be indispensable!

In this Products We Love episode, Peggy presents an overview of the parts of the winder and demonstrates how to wind material into a nice, neat roll that is ready to use in your quilt or other craft project. Since the winder can clamp onto a variety of surfaces, she also displays it in use both at the ironing board (winding material onto roll) and at the sewing machine (unwinding) as she sews binding to the quilt.

Additional rolls are available to purchase separately for the Easy Binding Winder.