Guilty Secrets Movie


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A wrongful conviction leads new attorney, Rylee Kerrigan on a quest to free an innocent woman. She will stop at nothing to find the truth–and the real killers will stop at nothing to silence her.

Director: Lindsay Hartley

Cast: Kyla Nova, Doug Noble

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Guilty Secrets

Justice isn't blind–it's buried

Unable to land her dream job as a big city attorney, Rylee reluctantly accepts a position at a tiny, pro bono law firm. While sorting dusty files, she discovers a murder conviction she can't ignore–but investigating the old case leads to new dangers

Between car chases and death threats, Rylee enlists the help of Scott, her boss's handsome grandson and computer genius. Scott may have reservations about Rylee, and several secrets of his own, but he admires her determination. As sinister agendas come to light, will Scott's hacking skills be enough to protect Rylee?

Executive Producers:

Shari Lohner

Josh Maas


Melissa Kelly

Laura Scott

Jon Katzman

Lindsay Hartley


Lindsay Hartley

Cast Members

Photo of actress Kyla Nova as Rylee Kerrigan

Kyla Nova

as Rylee Kerrigan

Photo of actor Doug Noble as Scott Stackhouse

Doug Noble

as Scott Stackhouse

Photo of actress Dee Wallace as Lynn Wright

Dee Wallace

as Lynn Wright

Photo of director and actresss Lindsay Hartley as Patti Kerrigan

Lindsay Hartley

as Patti Kerrigan

Photo of actor Scott Childers Tucker Stackhouse

Brian Scott Childers

as Tucker Stackhouse

Q&A with the Director: Lindsay Hartley

Photo of Director Lindsay Hartley
What drew you to this story

What captivated me about "Guilty Secrets" was its blend of gripping suspense, subtle romance, and the quaint charm of a small-town backdrop. From the moment I delved into the pages, I found myself engrossed in Rylee's character, with her tenacious spirit and unwavering determination to unearth the truth. The intricate layers of the cold case storyline seamlessly blended with the intimate backdrop, weaving a rich and cinematic tapestry that not only kept me eagerly engaged until the final page but also ignited a desire to translate that immersive experience into visual reality.

What drew you to Annie's?

What drew me to Annie's was a combination of my passion for crafting, sense of community, and love for reading. Annie's offers a unique blend of these elements in one place, making it a perfect fit for me. Their wide range of crafting supplies and resources caters to my creative interests, while also fostering a sense of belonging within a vibrant crafting community. Additionally, their collection of books and patterns provides endless inspiration for new projects, making Annie's a delightful hub that combines my favorite hobbies and interests seamlessly.

What do you love most about your work?

What I cherish most about my work is the spirit of collaboration. Being part of a team that comes together with a shared purpose—to create a film—is truly fulfilling. It's a privilege to be behind the camera, surrounded by talented creatives and dedicated crew members, all working towards crafting something that brings joy and entertainment to audiences. The collective effort and passion that go into every project make the filmmaking journey incredibly rewarding and inspiring.

At what age did you start acting? How did you get into the business

My journey into the world of acting began at the age of 11 when I started competing in beauty pageants. While initially focusing on the beauty aspect, I later ventured into the talent competition, spurred by my mother's belief in my natural singing ability. With her encouragement, I delved into voice training and soon found success, securing first place in singing competitions. This paved the way for my transition into musical theater auditions, leading me to my first professional role at just 14 years old. Portraying Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” at the McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert, California, was a remarkable experience, especially performing in front of thousands, working with multiple Totos, and experiencing the thrill of flying nightly with the help of a harness.

One of the highlights of that production was the special touch my mother added by arranging for my ruby slippers to be crafted from authentic red crystals—a cherished memento I still treasure today. From there, my theatrical journey took me around the globe, performing in amphitheaters in Cyprus and eventually landing a role in the iconic musical “Grease!” on Broadway at the age of 18. Following the conclusion of that chapter, I made the leap to Los Angeles, where I landed the role of Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald on the NBC soap opera "Passions." This incredible journey from beauty pageants to musical theater to television has been a testament to my passion for performance and the unwavering support of my loved ones.

What's the most challenging role you've ever played

The most challenging role I've ever played would be the character of a mother with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Portraying this complex role demanded an emotional and psychological range as I had to transition between her various personalities. From portraying a young neglected child to an innocent and confused mother, then switching to an angry alcoholic, and finally a murderer. It was an intense experience, but also incredibly rewarding!

When did you decide to start directing as well? Why?

I made the decision to start directing at the end of 2019. Having spent close to two decades immersed in the Soap Opera genre and later transitioning into lead roles in Lifetime movies, I felt a strong pull towards expanding my creative horizons. Inspired by my experiences and driven by a passion for storytelling, I ventured into writing features, initially focusing on thrillers. I continued to explore different genres and eventually wrote romance features. With ten of them greenlit for production, I realized that my passion for storytelling extended beyond writing—I wanted to bring these stories to life as a director. The urge to play a more hands-on role in shaping both the visual aesthetics and narrative depth of storytelling inspired me to embrace the challenge of directing, marking a new and exciting chapter in my career.

Are most of your projects mysteries/thrillers or other?

I've directed a total of 20 features, with the bulk of my work (15 films) belonging to the thrilling mystery genre. The remaining 5 films fall into the Romance and Christmas genres. Additionally, I had the opportunity to direct a Paranormal coming-of-age story for a TV series.

Who is that awesome cinematographer you work with?

The incredible cinematographer I have the privilege of working with is Josh Maas. Our collaboration began in January 2020, and ever since then, we have maintained an unstoppable creative partnership. With a remarkable portfolio of over 40 feature films under his belt, Josh and I share an unwavering vision and deep passion for the art of filmmaking, television, and storytelling. Together, we are particularly thrilled about our upcoming project, "Guilty Secrets," where we aim to breathe life into every frame and capture the essence of the story in a visually stunning manner.

Are there any crafts you enjoy doing when you have the time?

As a craft enthusiast at heart, I've always been drawn to creative endeavors. From crafting dried rose trees with my mother to embellishing projects with glitter and rhinestones, I find joy in adding a touch of sparkle to everything I do. I once adorned my daughter's room with a mural of fairies dancing in a garden, hand-gluing colorful crystals to the wall for a magical touch.

My passion for crafting extends beyond personal projects; it's a shared bond between my daughter and me. Together, we craft jewelry, decorate, and paint wooden objects for various holidays, creating cherished memories while honing our artistic skills. This love for craftsmanship not only enriches my personal life but also informs my approach to directing, as I strive to infuse every project with a unique blend of creativity and attention to detail.

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