How to Balance Fabric Colors video
How to Balance Fabric Colors
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Nancy McNally is passionate about every aspect of quilting -- designing, piecing, quilting and binding. For nearly 20 years, Nancy has been fascinated with the idea of taking whole pieces of fabric, cutting them up and then sewing them back together into a beautiful quilt. Her exploration of the world of quilting has been successful. Nancy's quilt work has been published in... Full bio »

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Choose your fabrics like an artist when you explore these captivating color combinations!

In this Quilt & Sew Tips episode brought to you by Annie's Creative Studio, quilting expert Nancy McNally discusses how colors can blend, contrast and balance your quilting projects so you can make confident fabric color choices. Nancy's helpful tips will make your quilts even more beautiful!

In this video class, you'll learn how to:
  • Explore contrasting colors.
  • Consider how solids interact with prints.
  • Avoid choosing a color that will ‘take over' your project.